By nature, KARAM GROUP adapts its business model to human and economic stakes in the world. Because our products have to meet social needs, vital and growing, we consider the social environment in which we inscribe permanently is not an external dimension to our business and our internal processes: it nourishes all our decisions, each of our quality standards.
Settled for more than 40 years in the Republic of Benin and specifically in the economic capital Cotonou. Benin is located in West Africa on the same side of the Gulf of Guinea. The boundaries are established by Niger to the north, west by Togo, north-west by Burkina Faso to the east by Nigeria. The country we now call Benin was once the powerful kingdom of Dahomey. Subsequently, he was nicknamed the slave coast because of the slave trade (against their will) to the Americas, particularly to Brazil and the Caribbean. He became a French colony in late 1800, finally gaining full independence in 1960. The current name of the country (Benin) was adopted in 1975. Like any new democracy, Benin's economy is growing and tourism is booming especially along the coastal regions in central and national parks located in the north. For a population of 8 million, a currency FCFA, Benin is booming economically. French is the official language spoken in Benin.
The KARAM GROUP is led by CEO Mr Karam. KARAM GROUP has the subsidiaries such as:

SOFAT BENIN is an import and export marketing of all building materials and plant manufacturing corrugated galvanized.

SJK which handles the import and marketing of food products wholesale, retail-wholesale and detail and a chain and various super markets bridge installed in Benin.

MED-KA which owns and manages two hotels in Benin vertigo ( and house guests.

LA PIERRE:Company involved in construction and real estate in Benin. It makes the investment of the sale of lease in Benin





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