The company is a subsidiary of SJK KARAM GROUP, located in Benin by poorly during the year, it handles the import and marketing of food products wholesale, retail-wholesale and detail and a chain and various super markets Bridge installed in Benin.
SJK society is the desire to provide clients of Supermarket du Pont, but also and especially Benin cotonois, new services, allowing them to save time, while continuing to enjoy the quality and price "supermarket du pont. "

SJK society offers more than 5000 references of fresh produce, groceries, hygiene, maintenance, baby ... it also offers fruit and vegetable stores Supermarket Bridge at very competitive prices! Supermarket at the Bridge, you find the leading brands.

For those who want total freedom, Supermarket Bridge offers a new kind of withdrawal! Simply remove the order ready when you want, the store of his choice ... and the service is much cheaper.
Supermarket du Pont Akpakpa (building Saint Charbel)
Supermarket du Pont(hedgerow) next to the restaurant Livingstone.
Supermarket du Pont(Cadjehoun)

Supermarket du pont, these are standards of preparation and delivery to ensure compliance with the cold chain. In the supermarket of the bridge, we accept payment by credit card: Visa and Visa Electron.
Supermarket du Pont is the will to stay close to its customers. A caller is listening to you in each store, to answer your questions.

Supermarket du Pont (building St Charbel): Customer Service: 95859181
Supermarket du Pont (hedge alert): Customer Service: 95360786





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